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Aftermath Restoration: Helping Homeowners and Businesses to Get Back on Track

With 30+ years of experience with roofing, insurance, and construction, the Aftermath Restoration team has the expertise to keep your home or business covered and leak-free.

Unmatched Attention to Detail

Residential and commercial customers turn to us because we know how much attention matters. That’s why we work with you one-on-one to find the answers you need. Then, when it’s time to repair or replace your roof, we finish the job with the same kind of precision and care we would use on our own homes.

  • 30+ Years of Roofing and Restoration Experience

  • Expertise Working With Insurance Companies

  • Numerous Construction Industry Certifications

  • 247•365 Availability for Emergency Service

When you need a team you can trust to respond quickly to a call and repair or replace your roof, the Aftermath team is here to help. Reach us now at 720.501.3440.

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When roof repair or replacement becomes a priority, you need fast answers from a knowledgeable team. Feel free to look through our website to learn more, or contact us now at 720.501.3440 to have a specialist visit your home or business to provide an immediate, no obligation quote.

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Residential Roof Repair and Replacement

We offer residential roofing and repair on homes throughout Colorado and Texas. Learn more…

Commercial Roof Repair and Replacement

Our expert team can work with virtually any type of commercial roof or roofing material. Learn more…

Fire, Flood, and Hail Restoration

Although we are famous for roofing work, we can help with other restoration projects. Lean more…

Important Insurance Information

Our specialists will work with your insurance company to make sure repairs are covered. Learn more…

We received a lot of run-around and only received an unacceptable settlement for the damage. Because the insurance company took so long and played a purposeful delay game with us, we hired Brian Van Tassel. Brian was so helpful because he knows the insurance industry and how they tend to operate when it comes to delaying claim payouts. By mid-July 2016 Brian had secured a 226% increase in the payout of the real damage that was done throughout our home in Texas.


Dealing with insurance companies paled in comparison to hurricane Wilma. Had it not been for your tenacity and diligence I would not have been able to complete the repairs to my property. Thank you again for representing my needs and being so kind and fair.I hope I will never need your services again, but it’s reassuring to know you’re there.


From the very beginning, I knew that we had made the right decision. Your professionalism, persistence and attention to detail resulted in a very quick settlement with our insurance company for an amount that I would have never dreamed of after receiving their initial offer. I took personal satisfaction in watching the insurance adjuster Hop to once they knew that your company was handling the insurance claim and negotiations!


Having never been exposed to any insurance claim issues before, we were amazed at what lengths and tactics the insurance company used to delay and avoid living up to their responsibilities and obligations under the policy. It is as if we were being constantly kicked while we were down. Anyone having exposure to the claim collection process can relate to this. Brian Van Tassel held their feet to the fire every step of the way, and argued for nothing less than what contractually we were due under our policy.