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Aftermath Restoration Construction and Repair

Although we have built a 30+ year reputation as a leading roof repair and replacement company throughout Colorado and Texas, Aftermath Restoration can assist you with other parts of your home and business, as well. With our insurance expertise, commitment to excellence, and nationwide network of contractors, we can help you to restore your property no matter what kind of disaster has come your way.

What kinds of repairs can we help with? Homeowners and business owners frequently work with us following disasters that call for significant construction or restoration, including:

Hail storms can cause significant losses to homeowners and businesses. Not only can help damage windows, roofs, and features like siding, but it often appears unexpectedly with little chance for preparation. Don’t live with a damaged building or incomplete repairs. Call us today to see how our experienced construction team can undo the effects of hail damage to your home or facility.

No one ever plans for fire, and the damage done to a building can be much more extensive than it initially appears. Siding, roofs, and even electrical components can be affected by fires, which is why you should have your property assessed by someone with the right background. We can help you develop a complete restoration plan and get you what you deserve from your insurance company.

Damage from flooding doesn’t disappear when the water recedes. That’s because warped panels and frames, ruined electrical equipment, and even mold can remain hidden until you have a thorough inspection. No matter how big the property or significant the damage, our team knows what it takes to restore your home or business facility back to perfect condition following a flood.

Because of our extensive work in the roofing and restoration industry, we have helped customers to come back from numerous types of storms and disasters. These include tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, and other unexpected tragedies. When you need an experienced team who can assess your damage, help you with insurance, and provide you one-on-one service, call Aftermath Restoration first.

There is never a good time to have your life or business disrupted by an unexpected storm or fire. But, we know how to restore your home or building back to perfect condition. If you have questions, or want to set up a visit for free estimate, call our team today at 720.501.3440 so we can get to work for you.