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Our Insurance Claim and Repair Process

Often, when facing the prospect of extensive roof repairs, property owners will be nervous about the need to file claims and haggle with insurance adjusters. Fortunately, we have firsthand experience working with insurers, both as contractors and insurance employees.

To make things easier for every one of our residential and commercial customers, we follow a simple process to move every project along quickly and easily. Here are the major steps in order:

1First, We Inspect the Damage

While a lot of roofing companies like to provide on-the-spot estimates, experience has taught us that the details matter. That’s why we examine gutters, beams, decking, and dozens of other details to properly assess the damage to the roof over home or business. That way, we don’t miss anything important… and you don’t have to worry about a rushed assessment coming back to haunt you later.

2You Get an Accurate Estimate

Next, we’ll prepare a written estimate for your work. Because we have worked for insurance companies ourselves, we know how to navigate the forms and software packages your company uses. We’ll give you a complete breakdown of all the necessary repairs in a format that makes it easy for your insurer to approve the work. And, we’ll help you show why each item or service is covered under your policy.

3The Home or Business Owner Gets a Plan

Before work begins on your roof repair or replacement, our team will provide you with an outline of all the construction to be finished, the materials that will be used, and a proposed timeline for its completion. We know it’s never fun to guess how long a contractor will take, so we won’t leave you in the dark when it comes to these crucial details.

4We Handle the Paperwork

After we have agreed on a plan to move forward, the Aftermath Restoration team will order the necessary construction materials and supervise any subcontractors or specialists who might be involved in the repairs. Additionally, we’ll obtain necessary permits from the city so your project isn’t delayed with red tape.

5The Aftermath Team Completes the Work

This is where we truly shine. We have built a reputation on offering roofing work that is second to none. Because we use the best materials and emphasize quality craftsmanship, the homes and businesses we work on truly can be “better than new.” We won’t rush through your job or skip over important details. We will handle your repairs the way we would see to our own

6We Review the Results Together

After your roofing project has been finished, our team will conduct a visual inspection and then guide you through the repairs one by one. We won’t leave until you are 100% satisfied and ready to say good things about our business to your friends, family, and colleagues.

7Get What You Deserve From Your Insurance Policy

Our insurance claim and repair process doesn’t just ensure you get the high-quality work you need – it also takes the stress and hassle out of a difficult situation.

There isn’t any need to fight with insurance companies on your own, or worry about gathering permits from your city or zoning board. Instead, hire the experienced Aftermath Restoration team and let us put the expertise we’ve gathered over many years to work for you.

There’s never a good time to be affected by a disaster, but you can make it easier to recover. Call us today at 720.501.3440 to get started or have a specialist provide you with a customized quote!