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Houston/Golden Triangle Commercial and Residential Flooding Dry outs and build backs 

Has your home or business been affected by the flooding in Houston / Golden Triangle? If so, we can help you take the first steps towards restoring your house or building to perfection.

Worried about the cost of your demolition or restoration work? We offer 0% no-money-down financing with payments extended up to 7 years!

The Aftermath Restoration team is working with home and business owners throughout Southeast Texas to complete dry outs and repair work rapidly. With each passing day, residential and commercial properties that have been flooded are at an increased risk for mold, rotting, and insects. Don’t wait to call us at 409.920.6560 and schedule a free damage assessment and repair or demolition quote.

  • Thorough inspections and repairs to help you document flood damage to insurers and FEMA agents
  • Fast, professional work from an experienced team of demolition and construction experts
  • The five-star service, friendly English and Spanish-speaking staff, and one-on-one service that have earned Aftermath an unprecedented reputation in Houston and throughout Southeast Texas

Remember, we have 30+ years helping families and businesses recover from unexpected disasters. No matter how extensive your damage is, we are prepared to step in and help. Call us now at 409.920.6560 for immediate answers, or contact us online to schedule an assessment.

5 Steps to Take Now if Your Home Has Flood Damage

  1. Be careful. Damaged homes can be dangerous. Don’t attempt to enter your property if it’s unsafe. None of your possessions are worth your life.
  1. If your home is safe to enter, take pictures of the resulting damage. Document everything. Take as many as 10-12 photos per room, taking care to capture every angle and corner.
  1. Take at least 2 or 3 photos with a measuring stick showing the highest points of flood damage. These may become important later when submitting claims to FEMA or insurers.
  1. Remove valuables from your home, including cash, jewelry, firearms, and personal keepsakes. You don’t want these items to be further harmed by water or mildew. Additionally, they could be unintentionally damaged by repair workers or lost to thieves and looters.
  1. Call the Aftermath Restoration team at 409.920.6560. We’ll help you assess the damage, file insurance claims, and begin the process of putting your home and life back together. You don’t have to face this tragedy alone!