How do I know if I have damage?
Damages caused to your home may be difficult to see at first.  It is recommended to get a free damage inspection by a trained professional to confirm what damages were caused to your roofing, siding, and gutters.
Will someone meet with my insurance carrier?
Yes! An Aftermath Restoration Representative will be present during the insurance inspection to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed, missed, or left out of the insurance report.  Aftermath Restoration meets with ALL insurance carriers.
Can you complete ALL the work approved by my insurance?
Yes! One Company for EVERYTHING From exterior and reconstruction to interior and remodeling we takecare of it all.
How much will it cost?

NO more than your insurance deductible! The insurance company pays the rest. No money down to start!

How long does it take?

Once the insurance company has issued paperwork and payment to you, construction can begin. Although the time varies from project to project most residential homes are roofed in 1-2 days. Gutters, siding and other trades also usually take a day.

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