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About Aftermath Roofing and Restoration

More than 30 years ago, our founder Brian Van Tassel had a realization. While working as a roofing contractor and insurance adjuster, he noticed that homeowners and business owners weren’t getting the help they needed when it mattered most. When facing big decisions on repairs and restorations, they got conflicting advice from roofing companies, insurance adjusters, and other third parties.

Brian realized there was room in the market for a roofing service that could do precision work, understood how insurers operate, and would treat clients like friends and family members.

In that moment, Aftermath Restoration was born. And in the three decades since, we’ve established a reputation for service and excellence throughout Colorado, Texas, and other parts of the country.

What Makes Aftermath Restoration Different?

While there are dozens of companies you can call to repair or replace the roof over a home or business, very few will be able to claim the 30+ years of experience we have with this type of work. Additionally, most don’t have first-hand experience working for major insurance companies, and might not be able to get you approved for the work you need.

At Aftermath, we combine that kind of expertise with the sort of personal service you can only get from a family-owned and operated enterprise. We know that every job matters, and every detail counts. We’ve built our business up through referrals and word-of-mouth advertising because we always go the extra mile and never give up until a job as been completed to our personal standards and a customer’s complete satisfaction.

Whether you need help repairing the roof over your home or business, the Aftermath team is ready to jump in. Call us today at 720.501.3440 and see how easy it is to get the expert help you need!